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Crowdfund your projects
on backHer & our
Rise Together Fund will
contribute to women &
girls rising from
poverty & oppression.

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Welcome to backHer

backHer enables women-led projects, including teams that have at least one woman in a lead role, to raise money for personal, business, and artistic projects, while at the same time automatically backing others too.

When you crowdfund on backHer, a portion of our platform fees automatically go to the backHer Rise Together Fund, which supports organizations which assist women & girls rising from poverty and oppression to gain access to basic needs, education, health-care, and business skills.

backHer is for you if:

- You need to raise funds for a project, business, or other endeavor that has at least one woman in a lead position. -
- You want easy to find information on grants, scholarships and other resources and opportunities. -
- You value supporting women-led projects. -
- You want to raise funds for your project and at the same time automatically support others too. -

Raise Funds Now

More about the backHer Rise
Together Fund (BRTF)

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BRTF Raises Money in Three Ways:

- backHer automatically contributes a portion of our platform fees to BRTF.
- We invite our Project Creators to optionally donate $1 dollar for every $100 raised to easily support BRTF.
- We collect donations from Project Supporters who want to support the BRTF as well.
*100% of BRTF funds (minus Stripe fees) goes directly to the featured organizations we support. See who we currently support