About Me

Hi! I'm Claire! Creator and Lead Artist of the Nerd Scouts! 

I started Nerd Scouts in 2014; what began as a personal art project to keep me entertained inside an Air Conditioned house during the heat of the summer, grew and developed into this totally awesome company that I run! 

So...what do I actually do you ask? I hand make every single Nerd Scouts badge that you see! I use a combination of materials (wool, silk thread, cotton fabric)  and a variety of techniques (embroidery, felting, top stitching) to create each badge. On average, badges take about 3 hours each to complete, and every single one is slightly different due to the hand made nature of the thing! No one in the world will have an exact replica of any hand made Nerd Scouts badge, and that's pretty special. 

I am excited about this project because I have found a way to combine my passion to create art and my love for all things nerd AND to add a cherry on top, other people are excited about my work too!! Every Comic Con or event that I work at I am blown away by how many people get excited about Nerd Scouts and the badges that I make. I feed off their energy and enthusiasm  and am constantly being re-inspired to continue my work. 

The  Nerd Scouts online retail store and social media sites have been live for a little under a year. In that year I have been able to cultivate a small, but very passionate cult following of nerds from all over the world! I have sold badges to people all over the United States, Canada, the UK, France, and beyond. My customer base and following is expanding and growing every day; I just exhibited at Eugene Comic Con (November 2015) and met hundreds of people who were beyond excited about the work that I am doing and can't wait to see more from me! 

With all of the enthusiasm, passion, excitement, that I bring to the table, along with the constant encouragement of my fellow nerds, I am positive that Nerd Scouts will continue to be a success! 

Thank you!