by: Sara Millman

At Veganflix Studios we are making entertaining movies and content that fosters empathy for all sentient beings. We rely on community support!

Ed Johnson Novo Tempo New Recording Project

by: Ed Johnson

We are eager to begin work on recording a new collection of Brazilian-inspired songs and compositions, and we'd like to enlist your help!

Let's Publish Tastes Like Love Now!

by: Beth Love

I am publishing a series of cookbooks to inspire and support an increase in plant eating: for human health, the environment, and the animals.


by: sWitch Lori

This funrazor will create Lordz Stepz, a permanent installation to return annually to the playa, Lord’s favorite place, with DUSTFISH Village.

Bringing RallyBowl to The Masses

by: Clody Cates

Please help RallyBowl buy a truck, so it can go on tour and share this crazy fun new sport with as many people as possible for FREE!!!"

Ren's Debut Album

by: Ren Geisick

Please help fund my debut album! I am so excited to share my love for jazz, old school country, and soul music with you.

Carnegie Hall 2016

by: Jacqueline B. Hairston

Support Jacqueline Hairston's 2016 return to Carnegie Hall as she espouses the timeliness of the African Diaspora experience through music.

"Angels for Angels" child aid/"Engel für Engel" Kinderhilfe

by: Rebecca Elior

Förderung extremst benachteiligter Kinder weltweit durch kreative Projekte/ support of utmost disadvantaged children by creative projects

Shelby's Animal Rescue needs your help!

by: Autumn Mi

We devote our time to saving abandoned and injured animals, and we need help. Please consider donating to help save an animal's life!


by: Valerie Joi Fiddmont

Come join a divine experiment -- to bless the world with some powerful music and inspire all of us to reach for our dreams and SHINE!

Exposure Therapy

by: Emma Shapiro

It's a simple idea: put nipple stickers everywhere! This inclusive, subversive, light-hearted project fights the oppression of the female body.