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"Angels for Angels" child aid/"Engel für Engel" Kinderhilfe

by: Rebecca Elior

Förderung extremst benachteiligter Kinder weltweit durch kreative Projekte/ support of utmost disadvantaged children by creative projects

Blue Dusk Publishing

by: Jennifer Hampton

Help me bring Blue Dusk Publishing to life, a fiction based independent publishing house that sells fiction eBooks.


by: Valerie Joi Fiddmont

Come join a divine experiment -- to bless the world with some powerful music and inspire all of us to reach for our dreams and SHINE!

Shelby's Animal Rescue needs your help!

by: Autumn Millman

We devote our time to saving abandoned and injured animals, and we need help. Please consider donating to help save an animal's life!

Nerd Scouts!

by: Claire Voigtlander

Nerd Scouts! Handmade Badges for the Coolest People!

My Job Hunter needs YOU

by: Georgia de la Bertauche

My Job Hunter is a brand new service that caters to job seekers, employers AND agencies! Already in the top 10 of startups to watch by Recruiter.

Cards for Joy

by: Pamela Paraison

I believe that the power of love and joy can transform spaces - I intend to make a card for you - celebrating joy and love!

Strength with GRACE and integrity (MANNERS) with kindness.

by: Grace and Manners

We are an e-commerce gift shop with merchandise featuring our stylized, vibrant, and stunning illustrations.

Carnegie Hall 2016

by: Jacqueline B. Hairston

Support Jacqueline Hairston's 2016 return to Carnegie Hall as she espouses the timeliness of the African Diaspora experience through music.


by: sWitch Lori

This funrazor will create Lordz Stepz, a permanent installation to return annually to the playa, Lord’s favorite place, with DUSTFISH Village.

Let's Publish Tastes Like Love Now!

by: Beth Love

I am publishing a series of cookbooks to inspire and support an increase in plant eating: for human health, the environment, and the animals.

Ren's Debut Album

by: Ren Geisick

Please help fund my debut album! I am so excited to share my love for jazz, old school country, and soul music with you.

Just For You

by: Tammy L Hall

Finally, an opportunity to make a solo piano recording. You, the listener, are invited to suggest/request the songs you'd like me to play.

The Bay Area Tesla Museum

by: backHer +

We are building a Tesla Museum in Martinez, California. With your support we can break ground in 2017!

Bringing RallyBowl to The Masses

by: Clody Cates

Please help RallyBowl buy a truck, so it can go on tour and share this crazy fun new sport with as many people as possible for FREE!!!"

Ladies' Day 2017 Health, Beauty, Empowerment

by: Ashley Martin

An event to bring together women throughout Fort Wayne for a day of health, wellness, fun, and family friendly vendors.

Publish an adult coloring book

by: Emily Abu-middin

Help me publish an adult coloring book created from my art.

Veg Now

by: Toby Blanco

A one minute stop action film about diet and society


by: Toby Blanco

This is to get the papers needed to start my nut butter business.