Why backHer 
Who Can Use backHer 
What Can I Use backHer for 
How to Create your Campaign 
How to receive your funds 
What is backHer's Rise Together Fund and how does that work? 
What if I need more information about my contributions 
Are project contributions tax deductible 
What projects get listed on the home page 
What is The backHer Resource Tool Box 
How do I delete my project 

Why backHer?

backHer is an innovative and effective way to raise money for creative and business pursuits. We highlight and support women owned and/or led projects in hopes of contributing to women's visibility and economic empowerment.

In addition, when you raise money for your own projects, others will benefit too!

For each project posted on backHer, we automatically contribute money to organizations that assist girls and women living in poverty gain access to education, health-care, and business skills/start-up help.

Who can use backHer?

backHer invites everyone to support the projects posted on our site. We welcome projects of any type, including artistic, businesses, for profit, and non-profit endeavors.

In order to post a for-profit project on backHer, there must be at least one women in a lead role within the project or organization. This requirement does not apply to charitable based projects and endeavors.

We encourage projects for children, though an adult 18 or over must be the project creator for those 13 or under. Those 13 to 17 can use the site with adult supervision.

Anyone can contribute to a project if legal in your home country.

To post a project on backHer, you must have a Stripe Account. At this time your home currency must be the AUD, CAD, EUR, GPB, or USD.

What can I use backHer for?

The sky's the limit as far as what you can use backHer for!

Film, theatre, photography, dance, fashion, music, art, journalism, animation, publishing, games, business start up/ expansion, social enterprise, festivals, events, causes, charity, and politics.

backHer does not accept any endeavors involving violence, porn, cruelty to animals, or any illegal enterprises. Check out ourTerms of Use to find out more about project requirements.

How to create your project:

Use our easy to navigate templates to create your project.

Just click on the Raise Funds Now! link and this will take you to the set up screen.

How to receive your funds:

Funds are paid to the project creator’s Stripe account. Funds will be deposited into your account each time someone contributes to your project.


It costs nothing to post a project on backHer. Fees are taken out of funds raised so you pay nothing upfront.

backHer Commission is 5%

***In addition Stripe merchant fees apply. Stripe charges range between 3% - 5% depending on your country.

What is backHer's Rise Together Fund and how does that work?

-backHer automatically contributes a portion of our platform fees to BRTF. 

-We invite our Project Creators to optionally donate 0.1%  ($1 for every $100 raised) to easily support BRTF

-We collect donations from Project Supporters who want to support the BRTF as well.

*100% of BRTF Funds (minus Stripe fees) go directly to the featured organizations we support on our home page.

What if I need more information about my contribution?

For all questions related to projects, rewards and perks, including shipping and fulfillment questions, contact the project creator directly right from the project page. You can report unresolved issues to  team@backHer.com

Please note that as per terms of use Project Creators are responsible for refunds. backHer LLC is not liable for disputes resulting from any matter between project creators and funders.

Are project donations Tax Deductible?

Some 501(C)(3) nonprofit organizations have projects with tax-deductible status. Check the charity project of your choice for more on nonprofit and tax-deduction status.

What projects get listed on backHer's homepage?

Every project posted on backHer will have equal opportunity to be featured on the "Premiering " section of backHer’s home page. The length of time and number of times each project appears will be dependent on how many projects are in queue.

What is the backHer Resource Toolbox?

backHer’s Resource Toolbox is an ever expanding and updated resource center with of links to grants, loans, scholarships, organizations, and other resources available to women.

If you are an organization providing grants, loans, scholarships, support, or resources to women and are not already on the list and would like to be included, please click here to add your organization for review.

How do I delete my project

In order to delete a project that has not yet been funded, click on the red delete button on your project page. This will delete your project.

Please note that once someone donates to your project, you will not be able to delete your project.