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backHer Supporters Make Projects Possible

People get involved in supporting backHer projects for a variety of reasons. Many want to support the amazing women entrepreneurs, artists, and projects spotlighted on backHer. Others like the idea of being in on the start of new ideas, projects, and businesses. Some are attracted to the “pre-buy” perks that are offered with some campaigns.

Just as important, some people want to support women and girls, and their families who are rising from poverty. backHer donates part of our platform fees to organizations that assist women and girls to gain access to education, health-care, housing, and business skills/start-up help.

No matter your motivation, supporting a project on backHer is easy.

Supporting a backHer Project

From the Project Page, select one of the Perks or just Click the big green backHer button. You will be given the option to donate anonymously if you choose.

Whether you click a Perk or a backHer button, you will be directed to the secure checkout page. All backHer donations are processed by Stripe, a trusted leader in online payment processing.  

Stripe  charges the Project Creator a small fee for the transaction. You might consider adding an additional 2% to 3% to offset the cost of this fee.

Donate In the Currency of Your Choice

Fund your favorite backHer projects in one of over dozens of currencies supported by Stripe. 

Donations are Safe and Your Information is Secure

We partner with Stripe as they are an industry-leader in safety payment  technology that keeps your information protected. Rest assured that your donation information is safe. backHer does not see or store any of your payment information.

Donations to Non-Profit Projects

Some of the projects on backHer are created by nonprofit organizations that have a 501(C)(3) tax-deductible status.

If you’ve got a question about the non-profit status of a project, just check with the Project Creator. They will be more than happy to answer your questions about tax deductibility status. Use the Contact button on the Project Page to communicate directly with the Project Creator.

Because backHer doesn’t store your donation information, we do not provide receipts for tax purposes. The non-profit organization will send any receipt directly to you.

Supporting the backHer Rise Together Fund

Currently, backHer donates a portion of our platform fees to the backHer Rise Together Fund. This money goes to organizations that assist women and girls who are rising from poverty and oppression.

Project Contributors are invited to donate to the BRTF from the Thank-you email they get after they make a project contribution. They can also donate from the home page. All our donations together make a difference!

Read More about the organizations we currently sponsor.

A Word About Perks

Most backHer project supporters choose to back a campaign because they want to see the Project Creator and their project succeed.

Sometimes even the best projects don’t go according to plan. backHer encourages Project Creators to communicate with their backHers, especially when unforeseen problems, arise. Most backHers are supportive and understanding when bumps are encountered along the way.

Most Perk transactions go smoothly. However if an issue does arrive, it is the responsibility of the Project Creator to communicate with affected backHer supporters.

If you have any questions, you can email the Project Creator using the Contact button on the Project Page.

Keep in mind that backHer Terms of Use provide that:

  • Project Creators are responsible for the quality and fulfillment of perks.
  • backHer, LLC. is not liable for perk quality or fulfillment.

backHer is committed to the facilitating a positive project experience. Please report any unresolved issues to