Introducing backHer

By: backHer

Today, we launch in beta and are thrilled to share our service with the growing community of women artists, entrepreneurs, activists, grassroots organizations, and their ilk. For those seeking to make an additional impact, by helping underserved women and girls, you’ll especially appreciate what we’ve set out to accomplish.

Traditional venture capital, business, and economic policies have failed to adequately represent women. The facts speak for themselves: Women CEOs make up 3.4% of global Fortune 500 companies; Women account for a mere 4.6% of Hollywood film directors; Women comprise a staggering 2/3 of the world’s 774 million illiterate adults. 

Thankfully, the advent of crowdfunding has successfully helped leverage these inequalities over the past few years. But what about those who don’t have a voice?

backHer is a brand new crowdfunding platform that allows women-led teams and individuals raise money for business, personal, and artistic projects. When you use backHer to fund your ideas, your efforts will automatically help organizations that assist underserved women and girls rise out of poverty and fight oppression. It’s easy to set up a new campaign, and even easier to make a difference for those in need.

backHer contributes a portion of our platform fees to organizations featured in our backHer Rise Together Fund. The more you raise, the more we contribute. Currently, we’re working with two organizations whose values reflect our own - Misssey and Nanhi Khali. They’re committed to fighting oppression and giving women and girls access to basic needs including education and health care. Project creators and supporters also have the option to donate to the Rise Together Fund.

Empowering women to help each other is the foundation of our mission as a company. Besides giving our community an easy, streamlined avenue for donating funds to those who need it most, we’re also providing the backHer toolbox for grantsscholarships, and opportunities geared toward women. Countless studies show that companies and initiatives with women leaders thrive. Our resource toolbox is an expanding directory of opportunities aimed at giving women access to the skills they need to lead the next generation.

As mentioned earlier, we are in beta. This means you may encounter the occasional hiccup as we work through these early-stage bugs. If you see something wrong (or something you don’t like) please let us know. Anything we missed or you’d like to see? We’re open to your suggestions and appreciate your feedback.

Together, we can create a more fruitful, beautiful world for all.