A Day Without a Woman

By: backHer

Imagine a day where women didn't show up to work, didn't buy groceries or fill up gas, didn’t drive their kids to extracurricular activities, didn’t cook dinner, or do any other type of work. Imagine a day where women all over the world went on strike. What would happen?

On March 8th, women will strike. International Women’s Day will be a universal day of action, by women and for women. This day was planned by the organizers of the recent Women’s March in January. Thirty-five different countries so far have planned and organized an international women’s strike on this important day, which is being referred to as “A Day Without a Woman.” This strike is happening so that people will recognize the monumental value that women from every background bring to the socio-economic system, despite the fact that they receive lower wages, experience injustice, sexual harassment, job insecurity, discrimination, and more. 

Women not only account for a large percent of the worldwide labor force, but women also do the majority of the unpaid work in the world- cooking, cleaning, and raising children. A day without women's work will be noticed and truly show just how much work we do. 

How to Participate in The Strike 

  • Taking the day off work, whether it be paid or unpaid.
  • Wearing red in solidarity with the strike.
  • Refraining from shopping both in stores and online, except for buying goods at small, women, and minority-owned businesses 
  • Men are encouraged to lean into housework, wear red as well, and give women employees paid days off if they are in positions to do so. 

It is completely understood that many women will not be able to go on strike for fear of being fired, for financial reasons, for being a single mother, or for any other reason. These women can still be a part of this day and participate simply by wearing red and exclusively shopping at women-owned and run businesses. Many will say that it is a privilege to be able to strike. However, it’s actually the opposite. It’s a privilege to not have any reason to strike in the first place. 

When we raised our voices and stood together for the revolutionary women’s march in January, the power of women and the power of love was shown so profoundly. This International Women’s Day, we hope to get the point across clearer than ever that women’s rights are humans rights.

For more information, visit the Women's March website here