About Us


Our emphasis is on projects that have at least one (self-identified) woman at the helm to encourage the success and visibility of women-led endeavors.


Poverty can greatly limit access to health, safety, freedom, and right livelihood. We have created the backHer Rise Together Fund to contribute to organizations that benefit women and girls who are rising from poverty.


Sara Millman and Julie Rix joined forces in 2012 to cofound backHer in order to provide tools & financial support for women-led projects. Beth Rubin was an early key advisor who helped shape our mission. In 2015 Karen Johnson joined & together with Sara, implemented the launch of backHer.

Our Team

Karen johnson circle

Karen Johnson

Karen is a technology project manager and photographer. She has had a passion for merging technology and art since her brother returned from Korea in the 60's with a reel-to-reel tape recorder and 35mm camera. Through her family, Karen learned the value of service to family and community, and has supported individual artists and organizations on a variety of projects. She has long wanted to be of service on a wider scale and believes backHer will be an integral part of broadly connecting women’s visions and resources in the world.

Sara millman circle

Sara Millman

Sara is an independent filmmaker and writer whose work has been screened and distributed on five continents. She envisioned backHer to enable fellow artists, activists, and entrepreneurs to grow budgets, while at the same time to support women who are rising from poverty and oppression. Sara has devoted much of her life to actively caring for people and animals. Social and economic justice has been a factor in her life from the start and Sara is especially passionate about creating and growing the backHer Rise Together Fund.